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Services Offered: 

Who We Are. What We do. 

Psychosomatics & Trauma Release

For a psychosomatic therapy session,  fire cupping uses the alchemical element of Fire to force the body and nervous system to drop into the parasympathetic state. It moves stagnation out of the fascia, detoxes the organs through meridian points, and circulates blood all while providing a powerful lymphatic flush in the process. Afterwards, acupuncture needles are connected to a galvanic current, in which electricity (fire) is subtly felt pulsing through the needle points. This arrests all disruptions and allows the body to maintain its parasympathetic state through the flow of electricity opening meridian channels for deeper recesses of rest and repair. 432 hertz are administered through sound bowls, creating an atmosphere of vibratory resonance, in which cell repair is enhanced when tuning the frequency of the actual body to the 432 administered in the space. Using sound hertz is a powerful tool used for transforming trauma both mental and physical from the subatomic structure. It actually changes the integrity of the cellular structure since all cells of the body are composed of atoms vibrating at a particular frequency. This frequency is what communicates the information of ease or dis-ease to the cell. We use electricity and vibration as the major forms of elemental transformation to bring optimal healing during these psychosomatic sessions by harmonizing all cellular activity to 432 hertz while the body remains in the parasympathetic state. Sessions last no less than 90 minutes. 

Astrology & Tarot

Astrology is a powerful and highly accurate approach to integrating the puzzle of who you are by understanding first what planet you embody - as there is one main planet that emanates its expression unto each being - accompanied by a wing of two others. The 3 main planets create a blueprint of the personality, along with the zodiacs - in its archetypal forms, providing a unique expression of that planet. When read correctly, an Astrologist can break down the blueprint of your incarnation by explaining the karmic themes of your Soul’s Journey and the planetary relationships within your houses. I provide an in depth analysis of your birth chart and respective synastry to reveal the true purpose of your current manifested incarnation, as shown in the time and location of your date of birth. 

Tarot is used as a means of understanding the archetypal themes (karmic lessons) that reoccur cyclically in each and every incarnation. It is a tool for awakening the Self to its Soul by marrying the polarity of the Masculine (electric) and Feminine (magnetic) forces through harmony. The 22 Major Arcane are the main themes each querent will go through and that map out the Soul’s journey in every incarnation - as designed by Cosmic law. The remaining 56 cards of the Minor Arcane paint out the day to day revelations on how these lessons play out, in what areas of the querent’s life, illustrated by the four elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) which in turn govern and create the Four Realms of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah. Qabbalistic Tarot is truly the only form of Tarot readings that properly used the cards to describe the codes for the major karmic themes each individual faces cyclically in their lives. It is not meant to be used to foreshadow a set future or to affirm past events (even though it can be used that way) the error in using it this way is it essentially disempowers the individual from understanding their own divine, manifesting abilities by believing the “Fate” or even “Karma’ is somehow dictating life events. Instead, Tarot is the language that communicates from the Higher Self to the Persona what path they are on, the lessons that need further integration per the light and shadow of each card as archetypal symbols of one’s own psyche. Consequently leading to greater understanding of their Soul’s journey toward awakening and self-knowledge (which is illustrated as the story of every human, beginning with 0. The Fool (alpha) and ending with 21. The World (omega).

Astronomical Clock

Plant Medicine and Neuro Re-wiring 

The limbic system receives sensory input via the thalamus, and its subcomponents (the amygdala, hypothalamus and the hippocampus) co-operate to mediate balanced behavioural and affective responses to external stimuli. Those who are trauma-exposed may display impaired relay of information from the thalamus to the cortex under stressful conditions.

It is in this context that promising results from Psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD are interesting. Psilocybin, as well as being a SERT inhibitor, stimulates the release of serotonin into the synaptic cleft by binding to vesicular transport proteins within the synapse. This leads to an acute surge of extracellular serotonin and a clinical state of interpersonal tenderness, empathy and warmth. It seems that these pharmacologically induced changes provide an opportunity to ‘engage’ with trauma-related material during psychotherapy in a way that is more likely to lead to positive reappraisal and trauma release. Rewiring neurological pathways that are triggered by patterned thinking originating from a traumatic event is one of the key ways to administer plant medicine in a controlled, meditative setting where the practitioner leads the client into carving new pathways. Patients noted that after being treated with psilocybin, they felt their quality of life improve. They noted that they wanted to engage more with external activities, had more energy, experienced improved relationships with their family members, and performed better at work. The researchers concluded that if psilocybin could reduce psychological distress in terminally ill cancer patients, it could apply to less extreme medical conditions related to psychological distress as well.

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