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My name is Donia Dorrina...

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I am a professionally trained practitioner in various modalities of healing arts. I am experienced in traditional Chinese Firecupping, Moxibustion, Acupuncture, Craniosacral Massage, Astrology and Esoteric gnosis for over ten years. Treatments include psychological and psychosomatic (body) therapies, alternating between Eastern and Western techniques in energetic trauma release. Physical therapies include the use of an electrical current to provide a flow to the needles while tuning the space to 432 hertz for optimal meridian balancing and chakra realignment. I specialize in Psychosomatic Body Therapy, Psycho-Astrology and Tarot from a Theological-Archetypal standpoint, as well provide the option of  alternative Plant Medicine Therapy into individualized psychosomatic sessions. 


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What is Psychosomatic 
Therapy and Trauma Release?

In the world of Healing Arts, dis-ease first begins in the Mind (Air) , and through the intensity of the emotions (Water) it is stored in the body (Earth) and healed through the alchemical element of transformation (Fire). That is why I use a combination of Electricity and Vibration to heal ailments that are communicated as "pain" or chronic dis-ease by the central nervous system. From a scientific perspective, the central nervous system is the communication network that relays information to the brain regarding the status of the body as a working whole, divided into subsections. It has only two states it can reside in, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. And we can never reside in both simultaneously - this being THE most important factor to note in the healing process.


The sympathetic nervous system is commonly known as “fight or flight” in which the body creates adrenaline and cortisol to deal with stressful situations. The parasympathetic nervous system in turn is the “rest and digest” state, of which the body goes to work on repairing the damage done during the outpour of mental and physical exertion. The longest we are ever in the parasympathetic state is normally when we sleep, which is when the body does the vast majority of its repairs. However, since the Mind can always be troubled to some degree processing subconscious and conscious traumas as well as daily stressors firing off the sympathetic nervous system, truly, we do not allow the body to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system to properly repair itself.


When the Mind is in an active state of receptivity - it is known as  meditation. It can consciously then focus on releasing stored traumas from the organs and fascia, instead of while asleep in which the unconscious ailments are instead translated through dream state in an effort to bring awareness to the mind to heal trauma (which causes chronic ailments) during wake state. That is why you notice after a good rest, pain subsides, only to return during another stressful encounter that triggers personal traumas to the surface. No matter how often the body sleeps to repair itself, because the Mind is unconscious in the parasympathetic state, it can never unpack the origin of the trauma. 

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